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Oldschool Crash sculpture by RetroCharo
Oldschool Crash sculpture
Heheh, I'm starting to have fun making all those sculptures : D Excuse for my hand there
I always wanted to have Crash action figure, since I can't get any, I made my own, wooo
Old Crash FTW :iconcrashbandicoorplz:
Volk sculpture by RetroCharo
Volk sculpture
From Nu pogodi :3 I wanted to do something different, made with plastiline clay and acrylic colours, hope ya all enjoy it 8D
Ready to kick some ass by RetroCharo
Ready to kick some ass
I just wanted to draw something, also I was practicing soft shading :)
Tagged by :iconconformalsquid:
-You have to say who tagged you!
-You must be truthful.  No cheating!
-You must answer ALL questions!
-You just lost The Game (oh no what ever shall I do)

The Basics...
1. Full name: Aleksejs Apanasjonoks
2. Age: 18
3. Birth Date: 20 April
4. Birth Place: Jelgava, Latvia
5. Gender: Male
6. Occupation: Artist I guess, a very lazy one :XD:
(Three questions missing)
10. Eye Colour: Brown
11. Hair Colour: Dark blonde
12. Currently Living: Jelgava

13. Food: Pizza, pasta, ice cream
14. Drink: Pepsi, beer, tea
15. Band/Singer: AC/DC
16. Song: Back in black, Highway to hell
17. Movie: Hmm, I dunno, I like a lot of movies
18. Tv Show: Supernatural
19. Book: I dunno XDD
20. Colour: Red and dark blue

Do you prefer...
21. Coke or Pepsi?: Pepsi <3
22. Anime or Disney: Disney
23. Guys or Girls?: Girls
24. Lips or Eyes?: Eyes, I could look at them forever
25. Kisses or Hugs?: Why not both? :iconwhynotbothplz:
26. Eating or Drinking?: Eating and drinking please
27. Novels or Comics?: Comics
29. Outdoors or Indoors?: I mostly stay indoors, but I like going outside as well, lately I'm mostly outdoors
30. Camera or Cellphone?: Cell
32. TV or Computer?: Computer
33. Why did you choose your username?: Charo is my nickname, retro is because I like retro-ish stuff
34. What is your favourite piece of your own work?: Take these broken wings.. by RetroCharo
35. What is your most popular deviation: AT: Through the waves by RetroCharo
36. Look to your left. What is the first thing you see?: Fanta
37. Now to your right: Wallet and chocolate, hmmm :stare:
38. Something you can't live without: Music, I feel lost without it haha

The last...
39. Person you saw: Mom
40. Person you hugged: Girl I met in Italy
41. Movie you watched: Ghost
42. Song you listened to: Eye of the tiger
43. Book you read: When Eve is Adam(Latvian book tho)
44. Thing you ate/drank: Nutella sandwiches
45. Time you cried and why: A week ago I think, over heart pain, even tho I rarely cry
46. Time you laughed and why: When my roommate broke another roomie's bed, we all laughed like crazy omg X'DD
47. Time you went out: An hour ago

The first...
48. Person you dated: Never had a real date
49. Person you kissed: Never kissed anyone.
50. Crush you had: Back in elementary school, the girl from my class, my first little crush, oh memories XDD
51. Thing you think about when you wake up: What year is it??? :iconwhatyearisitplz:
52. Best friend you ever had:
53. School you went to: Jelgavas 3. pamatskola
54. Big vacation you went on: Big one you say? Hmm, just yesterday I returned from one
55. Award you got: I dunno

Have you ever...
56. Broken the law: Yeah
57. Been arrested: No
58. Had a hangover: No, I drink, but not that much to get a hangover
59. Been in hospital: No, I avoid hospital
60. Been in a car crash: Sorta
61. Flown on a plane: Just twice
62. Been on a boat: Just on a ferry
63. Travelled overseas: No
64. Had sex: No
65. Gotten pregnant: Lol No
66. Had an abortion: No
67. Been to a concert: Yeah
69. Skipped school/work: Yeah
70. Broken a bone: No

Deviant time
I skip this, I'm not sorry :iconhurrhurrplz:

More personal stuff...
85. Religion: No
86. Social class: Lower middle class
87. Ethnicity: European
88. Languages spoken: English, Latvian, Russian
89. A scar you have:  I have a lot of them, but the most visible is on my arm
90. Preferred medium: digital
91. Where is your dream holiday location?: Please, I just wanna return to Italy asap
92. What are you wearing right now?: Black tank and shorts
93. What is the last thing you bought?: Milk and Red bull(no, I ain't mixing them together XDD)
94. When did you join Deviant Art?: 4 years ago
95. WHY did you join?: Because I wanted to show off my crappy CB art XDD
96. What type of membership do you have?: No premium
97. Are you playing a game? Nothing atm
98. Are you a member of any other websites?: FB, Tumblr etc.
99. Do you enjoy answering pointless questions like these ones?:  meh Shrug
100. You're DONE!  Now, tag 5 friends: you, you, you, you and YOU!
  • Mood: Adoration
  • Listening to: ACDC
  • Drinking: Fanta


RetroCharo's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hey visitor!
I'm Alex, you can also call me Charo since it's my username and fursona's name.
I'm very loyal and I like meeting new people, so talk to me, don't be shy, I don't bite.

:bulletblue::bulletred::bulletpurple:JUGGALO BUDDIES:bulletpurple::bulletred::bulletblue:
:heart::iconpolar27::iconretrocharo::iconcat-cly: :heart:

My Best Friends Stamp by xXx-naruto-xXxFriends are family by zaz14ispottermad
:heart::star:My besties::star::heart:

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